JazzMuseumLogo The National African American Jazz Legacy Museum was founded March 15, 2016. It is the
creation of an African ancestral arts history collaboration beginning with the Treme community in
New Orleans, to maintain and support institutions to celebrate, educate, demonstrate and
preserve the legacy of jazz, african American classical music. This most importantly includes the
arrival of Africans to America throughout the diaspora, especially these who arrived in the belly
of slaveships, to freedom from enslavement, Juneteenth, and the struggle for civil rights and
The museum will serve as a resource to educate and inform the world at large about the origin
of one of America’s greatest art forms, handed down as a gift from people of African descent. As
the great musician, educator and historian David Baker puts it, “Jazz is Black music”, it mirrors
the black experience. Others love it and make money from it, but they don’t want to
acknowledge the experience from which it emanates.
Through exhibitions, programs, research, publications and documents, we will provide
information and add perspective on the history about the origin of our legacy of jazz. We will
start with the origin, and show how it has spread from each state in the USA, and throughout the
world. The museum recognizes the need to identify neglected areas that have been omitted
from history that is educationally meaningful. The museum is a place to see, and learn.